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About Me

For me.... the best part of being a musician is to bring healing to the masses or the individual.
To make a living... by living my passion.
It is in music that humanity finds a single common language. A language of feeling, a language of beauty. And it is through this language that I wish to communicate to everyone the most important message of all....LOVE.
I'm currently a member of the Hutchins Consort. We play locally in Encinitas, in Newport Beach and in Los Angeles And tour worldwide.
Check us out at
You’ll find brief videos on the complete set of eight violins, designed and built by Dr. Carleen Hutchins, that span the entire range of orchestral musical notes.

I also am performing  with Larisa Stow and Shakti Tribe....a fusion of  rock music and spiritual mantras. You can check us out at 

I have played with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, LA Opera, San Diego Symphony, SD Opera, toured with Yanni, Moody Blues, Placido Domingo, Pavoratti, Andrea Bochelli, James Taylor, John Denver and many other great musicians.

I also organize and co-founded “CONCERTS FOR A UNITED WORLD” ™ throughout Southern California for Self Realization Fellowship since 1980 from Chamber Groups to 140 Piece Orchestra, Soloists and Chorus drawn from members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and San Diego Symphony, Metropolitan Opera. Attendances ranged from 700 to 3000 persons according to the venue.
“CONCERT FOR A UNITED WORLD”  dedicated to the victims of 9/11 was one of our special events that received extraordinary responses on the part of the audience and orchestral players.
Audience members were moved to tears. Large donations were given to the Red Cross from this special, free event.
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