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Beth has organized "Concerts for a United World" throughout Southern California since 1980. From Chamber Groups to 140 Piece Orchestra, Soloists and Chorus drawn from members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and San Diego Symphony, Metropolitan Opera and freelance musicians. Attendance ranged from 100 to 3000+ persons according to the venue. The 2007 Concert and Open House at Self Realization Fellowship (video clips shown below) drew well over 3000 people.

The greatest way to unite the world in a common spirit of humanity is through the enjoyment of shared experiences. Out of this thought, ‘Concerts for a United World’ was born. Each concert is an expression of the common spirit we all share, inside of which a common love is shining its blessings of life and abundance on all. It is in feeling this common love together through the magic of music that we may experience changes in the thoughts, judgments, and emotions that make us feel so separate. Through the magic of music we share an experience that improves the world in a subtle and profound way.

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