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"Beth Folsom is a splendid musician whom I have know for many years, and have always found her to be dependable and capable of rising to meet any challenges that were presented to her. Furthermore, she has shown herself to be one who takes the initiative in planning and developing musical projects, which have always been carried to successful conclusions. Beth has arranged several large Benefit Concerts in which some of the best musicians in the world have donated their time. Beth reflects a pure musician, one who cognitively measures at every moment the relationship between execution of musical presentation, the ensemble balance, and the effect it has on those that are in audible and visual range. She is not only a great technician on the violin, but one of the most inspired and emotional performers I have ever known"

Robert Lawson

Music Director-Santa Clarita Symphony          

Department Chair of Music-Ventura College

“You put your whole heart and soul into your concert. You gave generously of your musical talents and your enthusiasm and created a program that was uplifting to all. We could not have done it without your dedicated efforts, and we are deeply grateful. Music does indeed bring people together in a spirit of peace, harmony, and understanding. It reaches beyond different backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs, and that event reflected in a special way the universal ideals of the great peacemakers of this world. God love you"

Daya Mata

President of Self-Realization Fellowship 

“We are pleased to award the San Diego Symphony Orchestra a grant in the amount of $2000 from The San Diego Foundation. This grant is in honor of Beth Folsom and in memory of her daughter Dara, and in recognition of the Concert Beth played at the SRF temple in Encinitas.”
Congratulations to the San Diego Symphony on this grant award and thank you Beth, for your great work.

Bob Kelly
President and CEO of The San Diego Foundation

I deeply appreciate the talent and the difference Beth has made in my life. In fact, Her music, her divine inspiration, her smile with gentle quiet spirit makes a difference and brings encouragement to many lives. Thank you for sharing your passion and magic with the world.

Jeanne Faye Daves

“Not only has Beth has been a tremendous inspiration to so many musicians in the area, but she has had a great impact on audience development in San Diego, as well. Ms. Folsom is an artist of deep conviction, and she has always been able to connect with her audiences, as well as the musicians with whom she performs.She exudes that passion when she plays, and I don’t think that I’m the only one of her colleagues who has experienced that. Playing with her makes it easier to play and communicate on a more emotional level. A musician with such talent and loyalty is a rarity, which audiences should not take for granted nowadays.”

MarlaJoy Rubin

"Beth is such a delight to watch on stage with her violin. She is enthusiastic and her joy shows in every performance. A nice  presence indeed!" 

Bill and Connie Lewis

“I want to thank you Beth, for coming and giving of yourself so beautifully to play the violin during my mother’s memorial. Her spirit was felt not only by you and me, but everyone there. You are an amazing woman! So in honor of all of you and in memory of Beth’s mother and daughter as well as my mother, I’ve sent a donation in the amount of $2000 to Hospice of the North Coast.” 
With Love and gratitude"

Eva DeCastro

I just love watching you play. You always radiate joy and bliss and appear to be the happiest person on earth. That’s wonderful!

J a m e s   Y o j o   K i k u c h i ,  A I A

a  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t

Thank you so much for sharing your music. It is beautiful! And so preciously played!!!  I felt it coming straight from the Astral!

You truly bless the world with your angelic playing. You must keep sharing your inspiring gift. What a space you are in when you play! A beautiful place for all that hear you! What an inspiration Beth.  What a blessing you are!

Patti Halterman

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